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Make Cents Editing Service is owned and operated by Judy Serrano. Judy is the author of several romantic suspense and paranormal romance novels, she is a freelance writer, and a high school English teacher. With a master's degree in English, she is well-schooled in the editing process. 

Our editors will delicately make suggestions for a smoother, more marketable read.

Our editors correct:

∑ Grammar
∑ Punctuation
∑ Spelling
∑ Repeated words
∑ Consistency
∑ Plot holes
∑ And many other challenges that writers face when reaching out to tell their story

A more in-depth editing process is available for authorís who are looking for a deeper editing experience, but negotiations must be made privately.

Usually, a second read after corrections are made is not necessary, but if requested by the client, our editors will charge a $25 reading fee. Our editors stay with you until publication, and a second read is almost always not necessary.

What our editors do not do:

∑ We will not change your story
∑ We will not alter your voice
∑ We will not be harsh or discourteous

Make Cents Editing basic charge is a penny a word. It is easy to calculate and highly competitive. Some editors will charge you by the hour, but most authors would like to know what to expect and not have unexpected charges show up right before publication. With Make Cents Editing, there are no surprises.


Notes From The CEO:

Thank you so much for stopping by Make Cents Editing. As an author, I know how important it is to produce a quality product. Quite a few independent authors do their own editing, and they certainly hear about it when they get reviews. Editing your own work is simply not an easy thing to do. A second set of eyes is always recommended, but of course, trained eyes are better.

I will work with you until the date of publication. If you have any questions or just want a little more advice, I will make myself available to you. Please feel free to ask me for references, as my clients are always willing to talk about their experiences. Please stop by my Alpha Editing Facebook page, for some helpful tips and author comments.

I hope you will choose Make Cents Editing for your editing needs. Feel free to stop by my author Facebook page and check out some of my latest reads. Hope to see you there!


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